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ABJ Drones Brings Thermal Imaging Technology To OEMs

ABJ Drones Brings Thermal Imaging Technology To OEMs

From ABJ Drones:
With its national FLIR Distributorship, ABJ Drones is bringing thermal imaging and drone technology to a wide variety of businesses and public safety organizations.

With a multitude of flying platforms, cameras, sensors, software, ABJ Drones is poised to provide the best solutions for even the most challenging missions and applications using new technologies.

ABJ provides advisory and consulting services for companies in a variety of industries to launch customized drone and imaging programs.

It is also a leader in commercial, professional, and public safety applications such as Eyes In The Sky, Enlightening and Renaissance to serve police, fire, inspections, building trades and agriculture.

The company also works with various media and film crews, providing unique aerial photography and video with Zenmuse cameras.

ABJ is already the national distributor for DJI Drones in the United States.

The drone company inked the deal with FLIR Monday and is preparing to roll out thermal imaging applications and equipment, giving businesses and public safety organizations additional tools to be more efficient and profitable, company officials said.

“FLIR technology and DJI are the two companies that provide the best products in drones and thermal technologies,” ABJ Drones CEO Vip Jain said. “The combination of the products from these two companies provide significant advantages in many industries including public safety and infrastructure inspections. We are proud to bring this combined value to our clients, enhancing their value propositions.”

ABJ Business Head of Professional Services, Sam Naimark, said that this agreement helps bring this previously cost prohibitive, state-of-the-art technology to more people, and makes it more affordable for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

“(Thermal imaging) is not a new technology, but it is getting more miniaturized,” Naimark said. “The cameras have gotten small enough where they can be used for these ‘high-end’ services. They can be used in many more situations and are more accessible.”

Naimark said that the coupling of drones with thermal imaging can be used to access tighter areas and get closer than handheld units or cameras used on helicopters and planes.

With correct training, more employees of inspection companies, heating and air conditioning firms and public safety organizations, can use these technologies to fill a variety of applications at a lower cost than in the past.

“Doing inspections of buildings, slanted and flat roofs are more available with drones and thermal and infrared imaging,” he said. “It is not just more affordable, but you can use it in places that you couldn’t reach before.”

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ABJ Drones Brings Thermal Imaging Technology To OEMs

Updated: March 21, 2017 — 7:14 am
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