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Antarctic Adventure

Photo: Simon Ager/Sea Shepherd Global

Just a quick peek at a fantastic article on flying a drone in Antarctica. Adventure photographer and drone pilot Gavin Garrison talks about the challenges of flying over an iceberg-laden waters. Here is a little excerpt from that article that will appear in the March issue of RotorDrone Magazine.

In late 2016, I was driving north through Alaska when I stopped in a quaint town, the not-so-aptly named “North Pole,” which sits at 64°N. Knowing that the Arctic Circle was still several hours north of me, I looked into the town’s coordinates, curious to see how far away I actually was from the North Pole. The town was nowhere near the actual North Pole (90°N) or the North Magnetic Pole (86°N); North Pole, Alaska, was just a place. But this research revealed a chance discovery for me: There are more than just two poles. As we’ll see, the Earth’s magnetic pull has quickly become the biggest thorn in my droning, here in the iceberg-laden waters off the coast of Antarctica. I’m sailing along the continent’s edge with the ocean-conservation group Sea Shepherd Global on a brand-new $12-million-dollar patrol vessel MV Ocean Warrior on the annual campaign to save whales from being poached in the Australian Whale Sanctuary.


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