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Part 107 Exam

How to Pass the Part 107 Exemption Exam

How to Pass the Part 107 Exemption Exam

How to study for and pass the FAA’s Part 107 Exemption exam TEXT By JOHN REID   When I tell fellow drone pilots that I have my remote pilot’s license, the first question they usually ask is “Was the unmanned aircraft test hard?” This is a subjective question, and much will depend on your background […]
UAV Drone Education

UAV Drone Education

We devote pages and pages in every issue of RotorDrone to the ever-expanding role that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) of all types play in our world. Much of our focus is recreational, but increasingly you see us documenting (and celebrating!) the commercial, environmental, and public-safety advancements that drones are ushering in. UAS is far and […]

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