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Drone Man!

Drone Man!

The 2012 rail accident that took James Young’s left arm and foot could have closed doors of opportunity for his future. It could easily have been fatal. Instead, thanks to James’s unique combination of skills, interests, and determination; a generous offer from video-game manufacturer Konami, publisher of the hugely successful Metal Gear Solid (MGS) franchise; and the creative forces behind The Alternative Limb Project—in particular, arm designer Sophie de Oliveira Barata—James now stands on the leading edge in prosthetic technology. More than that, he has become an enthusiastic ambassador and spokesperson for—and a walking testimony to—the beneficial merge of tech and human physiology. And James isn’t just walking; James is flying thanks to the drone, designed by Ben Lyford of London-based drone firm Mobulair, that is integrated into his arm!  For more on this inspiring story, click on the image



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