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FAA Drone News: Get your $5 back

FAA Drone News: Get your $5 back


Now that drone pilots no longer have to register with the FAA, for those of you who did register, you can opt to delete your registration and receive a refund for the $5 fee you paid.  According to the FAA website, “If you are an owner operating exclusively in compliance with section 336 and you wish to delete your registration and receive a refund of your registration fee, you may do so by accessing a registration deletion and self-certification form (PDF) and mailing it to the FAA at the address designated on the form.”

This is only for the Hobby Drone Pilots, if you are a commercial drone pilot you will still need to be register with the FAA.

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  1. I got my registration before the $5.00 requirement. But, to think that by sending in this form will purge this information, I’m not wasting a 49 cent stamp. It’s the FAA and they won’t purge this information. It will remain in their database indefinitely.

    Can’t trust the FAA for anything.

  2. what are they freakin kidding!! they want my bank account number, and a ton of info. for me to get five dollars back. typical government red tape! to pay my money, it was a simple deal. they should be ashamed of them selves. I think we have to drain the swamp!!!

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