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The Giant Megakopter Flies!

The Giant Megakopter Flies!

Well it looks like the Megakopter took its first flight just a couple of days ago.  This giant Drone is equipped with 48 propellers and is capable of lifting  a large payload.   This bird is a drone built by the university of Oslo, Department of Informatics, and is said to be the world’s largest hobby multicopter.  The final aim of this creation is to safely transport a person through the air.  Do we have any volunteers for the first flight?


Big_drone4 Big_drone5

Updated: December 18, 2015 — 7:16 pm
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  1. Were those basket balls, or cannon balls?
    It really doesn’t mention the actual weight does it?
    Luftfartstilsynets, Norway’s CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Has this to say about that….
    Chapter 2 section 6…
    Not nearly as Draconian as the FAA … is it?

    1. It weights about 76 kilos so we can legally lift up to 74 under the EU rules. The bumpers are air filled pilates balls 🙂

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