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Graupner Hott MC-20

Graupner Hott MC-20

by Mike Gantt

When I first saw a tray-type transmitter, it seemed a little goofy to me. Then I saw the extremely talented Gernot Bruckman using one of them and knew then that there was nothing goofy at all about using a larger-size radio. Many multirotor pilots like to “pinch” the sticks with both thumb and index digit while flying model aircraft, this makes for better control and a smoother flight, the Graupner MC-20 tray type transmitter is ideal for this. I will add that tray systems are typically supported with a neck strap; transmitter strap or shoulder cuffs and these are typically adjusted to a pilot’s physical liking.  For More Information, Click on the photo:

Graupner Radio[2]

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