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RotorDrone Magazine May/June Issue

RotorDrone Magazine May/June Issue

Now we’re having some fun!
I have to say that this issue was a lot of fun to put together. I started out my adventures by attending the International Drone Day celebration at the Apollo Field in Van Nyes, CA, which drew more than a thousand attendees and operators and companies like 3DR, DJI and Horizon Hobby. Don’t miss our coverage of the “mothership” celebration in Las Vegas and some shots from events around the globe in Aerial Intel this month, and keep spreading the word: Drones are good!


From there I traveled to an undisclosed remote location in the middle of the desert (an abandoned prison!) with a group of experienced FPV pilots. This was a big thrill for me because I am really getting into FPV racing. The racers made a makeshift racecourse through the old buildings and put on quite a show throughout the day. One day I will give them a run for their money, but for now you can get the inside scoop on FPV racing in our “Speed Freaks” feature article.


Between those events I assembled and test-flew a couple of very nice multirotors that I’m sure many of you out there will enjoy flying. I really liked the TTRobotix Super Hornet; it’s a well-designed camera platform with retractable landing gear and captured crystal-clear, sharp images.


And just before this issue went to press, I was fortunate to attend the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, NV. This event attracts manufacturers from the film industry, cinematography, radio and television broadcasting, and of the hottest topics at the convention was the unlimited possibilities and use of multirotors for filming, newsgathering and expanding creative filming in cinematography. Get the latest news from the show in my blog at RotorDroneMag/nab.

John Reid
Senior Editor

Updated: July 17, 2015 — 2:44 pm
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  1. What is the hobby/drone industry going to do about the knuckle heads who insist upon flying into commercial airline flight pattern?

  2. The digital edition is included FREE with your print subscription. You are only buying the print.

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